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The first logo bar stool

We often get asked how we got into logo bar stools. It happened by accident about 40 years ago. Ford came to us and asked if we could put their logo on a bar stool. We had some stickers printed and put them on the bar stools. It wasn't the best idea. The stickers came off when people sat on the bar stools. Ford came back to us and asked us if we could figure out a more permanent solution of adding their logo. We came up with silk screening. We took standard vinyl and hard our silk screener print directly on the vinyl. This lasted longer than the sticker but still didn't provide a permanent solution. The ink would eventually crack and scratch off. We asked our silk screener if he had any ideas and he came up with the process that we still use to this day. He printed in reverse on clear vinyl and then backed it with white to give it a background color and make the shades of the colors correct. We probably digitally print more than we silk screen now but when we silk screen, we still use the exact same process that we did 40 years ago

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